Personal Property

Your Cherished Valuables

Your home or renters insurance policy has certain limits that may not be sufficient to cover some of your valuable possessions. Brooks, Todd & McNeil agents can help you determine if you need to get extra protection for these items. Be sure to discuss with your independent insurance agent any jewelry you may own, including wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, fine gems, watches and other valuable pieces of fine jewelry. Coverage can also be purchased for fine arts, silverware, coin collections, furs, firearms, and other types of valuables or collectibles.

Schedule Your Valuables

Scheduled property is an itemized list of additional property you want specific coverage for on your home or renters insurance policy. You may have one item or several that warrant this personal property insurance. For just a few dollars a month, this coverage offers peace of mind. Should a covered item be lost, stolen or misplaced, the policy may reimburse you for the value of the item.

Take Inventory

We encourage our clients to take a home inventory of their belongings so in the event of loss you can easily identify what needs to be replaced. Simply take photos or a video of what you own, including appliances, electronic equipment, items in your garage or shed, clothing, sports memorabilia, artwork, wine collections, musical instruments, jewelry, and other valuables. Write a list of your possessions or use an app or electronic device to keep inventory. Keep sales receipts of recent purchases, owner’s manuals and other documentation that proves ownership of your valuables whenever possible. Be sure to store your photos, video and lists in a safe place like a safe deposit box, fire-proof lock box or away from your residence. We can also attach your itemized list to your account with us.

Contact Us for Valuable Personal Property Insurance

At Brooks, Todd & McNeil, we take time to fully understand your insurance needs, including whether you have valuable personal property and jewelry that requires insurance above and beyond the personal property limits on your homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy. Contact one of our experienced agents to discuss your insurance needs.

“We are an early stage company, operating on a tight budget and without a full administrative infrastructure. As any small company would, we rely on our professional service providers to provide advice and support where we have internal gaps. Our relationship with Brooks, Todd and McNeil has expanded over the years as our firm has grown. And, simply put, BT&M has fielded a team that has provided a level of professionalism that I would not be able to find elsewhere. Support for our basic insurance needs, benefit plan administration has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the contribution you have made to the development of our young company. There is a reason your organization has been in business over 180 years – bravo!” — Eric Pedersen, President & CEO, IDEAL FISH Waterbury, CT
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