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Home Inventory Checklist

What you document now can save a lot of time and worry later.

A new year means new goals, new plans, and a fresh start. It may be undesirable to think about – and plan for – potential disasters, but planning now for hard times can make a significant difference when tragedy strikes.

Having insurance – and the right policy – is important, but there are additional steps you can take that will make the process much easier should you need to file a claim.

It can seem like a tedious task, but having a home inventory checklist can save you a lot of time and worry when filing an insurance claim. We also recommend documenting your belongings with photographs to accompany your inventory list, and for your more valuable items, a short walk through video is helpful in showing their condition for your records. Having photographs, videos and values documented will make the task of identifying everything that is missing or destroyed a more streamlined process when you are submitting your claim.

Here are a few more reasons that now is a good time to create or update an inventory list…

  • Holiday gifts – You may have received gifts over the holidays that you will want to add to your inventory list. It is best to do this while the new items are fresh on your mind.
  • Home improvement projects – With the pandemic, many people took the time at home to tackle home improvement projects and renovations. If this includes you, take photographs and document the improvements that bring more value to your home.
  • It’s free and easy! – You can download the attached Home Inventory Checklist from Brooks, Todd & McNeil, fill it out and keep an electronic and/or hard copy on file somewhere safe.

If you have any questions about your homeowners insurance, now is also a great time to review your policy and speak with a Brooks, Todd & McNeil agent about your specific coverage needs.

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