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Employee Feature: Todd Euliano

Employee Feature: Todd Euliano & the Importance of Building Client Relationships

Todd joined Brooks, Todd & McNeil in 1991 during his freshman year of high school. Starting as a part time assistant to the Sales Manager, Todd was hired full time as a Producer after college.  He has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and has been on the sales side of insurance since 1999.  Todd has consistently outperformed industry averages since 2003.

Todd spends his free time with his wife and two children. He holds two positions on the executive board for Tolland Little League (Player Development and Coaches Coordinator) and is responsible for conducting clinics and training for both players and coaches. He is also an assistant coach on Tolland High Schools varsity baseball team.

Read Todd’s interview below to learn more about one of our star Producers and why building a relationship with his clients is his number one priority.

Tell us a little about the clients you serve as a Producer.  What are their primary needs and what makes your service stand out?

I typically seek out clients who own a home. Being a homeowner, I understand that every service I pay for someone is always trying to get more money out of me for it. I’m tired of that mentality. I’m willing to provide the best service I can offer at a competitive rate. I stand behind my service. A loyal relationship is worth more than any sale I have ever made.  When a client realizes that I am in it for a long-term relationship there isn’t anything we can’t do together to make almost every situation better. And as I am able to learn their needs and anticipate their challenges, I can better serve them as our relationship grows.

Are there currently any issues of high importance or visibility with which you are helping clients?  If so, tell us about the issue and how you are helping clients navigate it.

We are working on educating clients with Medical Payments Coverage on their auto insurance. With the changes in the health insurance industry many families are seeing their individual and/or family deductibles increase to $5,000, $10,000 or even higher. Many people don’t realize that if they add medical payments to their auto insurance for a minimal premium they can use that to pay their health insurance deductible rather than being left with a large hospital bill in the event of an automobile related incident.

What is the most valuable insurance tip you have for consumers based on your experience in the insurance industry?

This is an easy one – Make sure you know what product you have, especially if you are shopping your current policies – specifically on homeowner’s insurance. If you do not understand or know whether you have a Named Perils (standard) or an Open Perils (deluxe) policy than I’d advise a consumer to beware. Anyone can take your Open Perils (deluxe) policy and make it a Named Perils (standard) policy and save you money, however, this may leave you vulnerable, and with a lot less coverage!

The bottom line – Insurance carriers cannot deny legitimate claims. It is the product one purchases that may not provide appropriate coverage.

What are your recommendations for clients with high value assets?

I think it’s safe to say that people with more assets need more protection. People with more exposures need to know what are the real life potential exposures.  Umbrella policies are designed specifically for this and are typically very affordable.  Take a family of five for instance where mom/dad are always running kids around to get to their next event/practice/game, and potentially bringing a friend with them.  This can leave a huge exposure to Uninsured Motorist coverage if you are not careful. Much like an umbrella provides more liability protection for someone who needs it, doubling your UM coverage provides better protection for larger families, usually at a minimal cost.

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