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Blair is part of our Commercial Lines Sales Team and assists businesses of varying size and type with all their insurance needs. Blair started working with Brooks, Todd & McNeil in 1981 and was the Agency’s first true sales person. His father owned an insurance agency and Blair followed in his footsteps, branching out on his own after his father sold his agency in 1980. When not working, Blair is heavily involved with youth sports and has been for nearly two decades.

See Blair’s interview below to learn more about our valued employee and discover what is one of the most pressing issues currently facing his clients.

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What is an average day like for you at Brooks, Todd & McNeil?

I work from my home now so many of my days are not the traditional 9-5’s. It took some initial adjustment leaving the “office” environment and working on my own but I relish it now. Although the hours can sometimes extend beyond the norm, I find it easy to manage the time. My primary focus for the past decade or so has been business insurance. My days entail visiting with new and existing clients. When I am not on the road, my days are spent preparing proposals for new customers, quoting and prospecting.

What is one of the most pressing issues currently facing your clients?

The latest ‘hot button’ is Cyber Liability. Nearly every time you listen to the news or pick up a newspaper, there is another situation where someone or some business was hacked. With the claims becoming more frequent, the insurance market has responded with many products.

What is the benefit of working with an independent agent when dealing with an issue like you just described?

First, we have the best staff anyone could ask for. I have the utmost confidence and trust in each and every one of my co-workers. I am extremely confident in the courteous and professional service each one provides me and my customers. Also, being an Independent Agency, we represent many insurance companies and associations and can provide significantly more options to the consumer for all of their insurance needs as well as a customized approach to their exposures.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Meeting people!!! I enjoy learning what everyone does in their respective businesses. It is amazing what diversity exists in this small state. I truly enjoy seeing the creativity of the various business principals and listening to their story and experiencing what they manufacture or learning what services they offer.

Is there a specific time you can recall when you were able to go above and beyond to help someone with their insurance needs?

I don’t know if there was a specific moment. However, I can say that I treat all my clients, regardless of size, with the same intensity and thoroughness. I try to learn their respective businesses and then become their advisor, someone they can depend upon and trust with their business needs. I have a number of clients who have been with me exclusively for well over three decades.

What is the most useful piece of information (or your best insurance tip) you have learned since working in insurance that you like to share with others?

My best advice is to ensure that businesses have the proper amount of Business Income coverage. Everyone focuses on the building and contents, their autos, etc., but loss of business income does not always garner the same priority. The importance of this coverage is to keep the insured ‘whole’ at the time of a claim. The basic insurance will pay for the damage to the building and loss of the contents. There may not be significant coverage in place, however, to pay the lost income, key salaries, utilities, rent, mortgage, etc. This one line of insurance could make or break someone at the time of significant loss so I make sure each one of my clients is protected and understands their coverages.

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